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Welcome to Wilkinson Middle School!

3/19/21 UPDATE

Dear Wilkinson Learning Community,

In February, we resumed our in-person delivery of instruction. As we approach the start of our 4th marking period, we look forward to meeting the needs of more in-person learners.

If your family would like to transition your student back to in-person learning, please fill out the online forms on the Wilkinson Middle School home page.

We ask those interested to please inform us of their intent to return to in-person learning by Friday, April 16. This will provide our staff the needed time to adjust the master schedule for all students.

Our virtual learning plan remains comprehensive and will continue through the end of June, 2021. Our team has created a schedule that provides daily structure, opportunities for 1-on-1 learning, increased support for special needs and English Language Learners, scheduled parent/teacher appointment opportunities, and evening tutoring.

Families in need of learning devices are encouraged to call the main office (248-399-0455) to schedule a device pick up. In addition, please save this number – 248-953-7434. That’s my personal cell phone number. If you need help, have questions, or need to share a concern, call or text me anytime.

 I deeply appreciate all you do and am honored to serve your family.

Ben Harwood
Wilkinson Middle School

Mr. Harwood

Daily Virtual Learning Schedule

NOTE: Virtual learners will have six of seven periods. Unassigned periods are scheduled intentionally to provide virtual learners with an individual break.



Period 1

8:30 to 9:20

Period 2

9:25 am to 10:15

Period 3

10:20 to 11:10


11:15 to 11:40

Period 4

11:40 to 12:30

Period 5

12:35 to 1:25

Period 6

1:30 to 2:20
 Period 7  2:25 to 3:15


School wide grading plan:

  • 50% projects/tests/assessments
  • 25% engagement in learning during class time
  • 25% coursework/homework

Helpful tips for parents and students:


  1. Make sure we have your updated contact information (phone, address, email).
  2. Our teachers will be using the Google suite of applications. Parents are strongly encouraged to create a Gmail account. This will better allow for scheduling appointments on teachers’ shared calendars and participating in Google Meet videoconferencing with teachers.
  3. Connect with your student’s teachers early. Make sure you have their contact information (phone number, remind, schedule, email) and they have yours.
  4. Attendance for every virtual class will be taken daily. If your student requires an excused absence, please be sure to notify the office.



  1. Set aside a designated area in your house for virtual learning
  2. Try to eliminate potential distractions as much as possible
  3. First period meets live, online, every weekday, at 8:30 am
  4. Have fun creating a Google profile image for live classes and Google Meets.
  5. NEW THIS FALL: Classes meet at scheduled times  45 minutes on / 15 minute break (or 1-on-1 help)
  6. Avoid staying up too late and sleeping through your morning classes. 


  1. Take advantage of tutoring opportunities
    1. Communication opportunities during planning
    2. Free scheduled tutoring with WMS teachers between 4 to 8 pm.
  2. Ask your teachers questions. Ask about planned assessments, upcoming projects, additional exploration, subscribe to their weekly email updates, and collaborate on their learning expectations. 


  1. Contact your student’s teachers
  2. Contact Mr. Harwood -- 248-953-7434 (cell) | | 248-399-0455, 3222 


It’s going to be okay. We’ve strived to build a better plan, but we know nobody is perfect. If we aren’t meeting your needs, let us know so we can work to address it. You are not alone. We look forward to helping you.